About Us

How It All Began

V8Choppers NZ was formed in 2015 following a memorable trip to Sturgis USA, home to the biggest motorbike rally in the world.

Amidst a plethora of fuel injected bike enthusiasts, an excessive consumption of flaunting bike dealers, one business stood apart from the rest. V8Choppers. 

Our admiration for their exquisite craftsmanship and mutual love of power and performance, sparked a relationship that resonated beyond the surface.

Our aligned values of high excellence and dependability set the wheels in motion for a great business opportunity.

Sealed with the integrity of a good old fashioned hand shake, V8ChoppersNZ was formed to represent the South Pacific region.

Our business is defined not just by the products produced but by our ideals of how a business should interact with it’s customers.

Our values are entrenched in creating opportunity, assisting progress and implementing change.

An astute decision to limit worldwide production guarantees every customer the exclusivity and dependability they deserve.

The Brain Power

It is thanks to a team that devotes complete dedication to all aspects of products that we are able to have sustainability in such a vast market. The result of this defines our ‘Performance Element’ and cultivates the pairing of high performance with dependability that our customers deserve.

The outstanding detail, benchmark performance and unique style of our bikes and trikes is unsurpassed.

Engineered with precision, using the best quality materials available, they are assembled with the greatest of care.

It is with fearless passion and eminent pride that we introduce V8ChoppersNZ to the South Pacific.
Our Authenticity

The Power and Performance inherent in HEI TIKI

Our logo is a stylised version of the Māori Hei Tiki design unique to NZ.
The head represents perceptive, discerning and clear thinking.
The hands represent strength.
The V8 represents power and performance.

Those willing to embrace our products and brand like to stand out in a crowd.
They get noticed for their unique style, and exude confidence.
They are declaring to the world that …

“I am perceptive, clear thinking and of strong character”
“Don’t mess with me”